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I talked to a few different solar companies to get an understanding of how they work and everyone of them gave me a sales pitch of how much money I could save. Ex. I would pay them $220 a month plus what my solar didn't cover. My highest bill this summer was $247. I just didn't see the savings. I spoke to Chuck and he explained how the program worked, showed me his electric bill and how solar panels benefit this family. It looked good and all made sense. Then we got down to the money and what my cost would be, I was amazed at the difference in price. Now I fully understand it was only an estimate but from the schematics he showed me the plans were almost identical. The big difference and most important to anyone who is considering solar for their home was his price. It was considerably lower.
I told him I wanted to think about it and got no high pressure or "special pricing" gimmicks. He told me to call when we were ready. Chuck is knowledgeable with solar energy and the programs out there and how they work. I would recommend (and will) to all my friends and family.

Donna Marie

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